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Metal Soffit

Where is Metal Soffit Used?

Metal soffit was popular in the 1970s. It was aluminum vinyl soffit. Before this, different types of metal were used depending on the project. Metal has been around a long time and was the most common option. This was true even started in the early 1960s.

Aluminum soffit became a predominant option because of its durability because of its longevity and how it stood against water. Metal soffit could be found anywhere up and down the East Coast, more so on the eastern side of the United States.

Why is Metal Soffit Used?

People used aluminum soffit in the past because it was simple to install and it was affordable. Ultimately, it had the longevity needed, the waterproofing, and sustainability to protect itself for years and years without any issues.

Metal soffit is now mostly used as a fire retardant. It is used to protect one section of a structure from another as a fire barrier. It is also used to protect from exterior fire or an interior fire that could travel across the two sections.

Originally it was for low maintenance and affordability and now it is used for fire protection.

Metal Soffit

What are the Best Upgrades for Metal Soffit?

Again, in the 1970s, metal aluminum soffit was the rage. Everybody needed aluminum soffit and it was installed on thousands and thousands of buildings including schools, commercial buildings, and homes.

Today, when you see a home that has a metal as soffit, it is considered outdated, and low quality. Homes are designed to be solid, quiet and stable and the metal soffit material is light, less durable and loud when it comes to wind or rain exposure. It can be quite loud when objects hit it because it is a tin or metal material.

The best upgrade for Metal today is either Azek material, vinyl, PVC or a hardi plank.

Hardi Plank

The most affordable option for replacing aluminum soffit would be Hardi plank material. It gives you a strong, durable look, paintable surface, and ultimately it makes a great upgrade to aluminum soffit.

Since metal soffit is not as prevalent today, it may be hard to find matching materials to conduct repairs. It is probably better to just upgrade to a different type of soffit instead of trying to replace the metal.


If you are looking at homes on the east coast, there is good chance you will encounter some homes that still have metal soffit. If it is still intact and has not been damaged in any way, you might still be able to get some value out of them. To increase the value of the home, make it more visually appealing and have better protection against wind and rain, it is best to just upgrade to a more modern material.

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