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Underground Drains

Keep water from damaging the foundation of your home by allowing it to flow away underground safely.
Underground Drain
underground rain drain

Our Installation Plan

Our team installs underground drain systems to drain water safely away from foundations and basements. Underground drains assist in keeping foundation areas dry and structurally sound. Our team is ready to add or replace underground drain systems in a timely manner. Many systems become root-bound because of poor installation, and can not be un-clogged by a drain-clearing company such as Roto-Rooter. We have the skills, experience, and products necessary to ensure your needs are met for repair or replacement. We pride ourselves on being Alabama's Top Gutter Company.

Protect Your Home With an Underground Drain Sysytem

Rain water will travel safely underground until it is far enough away from your home to no longer be a danger to your property.
Electrical Issues from Flooding

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems could emerge if water is not redirected away from any tools are electrical devices around your home.

Chemicals from Flooding

Chemicals & Insecticides

If you have recently sprayed for pests or insects around your home, water can cause it to disperse if not redirected.

Tree Erosion from Flooding

Tree Erosion

Too much water can damage the roots around trees and other shrubs in your yard if not dealt with.

Damage to Property from Flooding

Damage to Property

Water standing around your home can damage property including tables, chairs, and children’s toys.

How Underground Drains Work

Underground drains are trenched out to a safe distance from your foundation (8-10 feet) or to a location where water can naturally flow away from your home's foundation. We install drain kits that include a 10-foot drain and a pop up which is a standard safe distance. We can also install a custom length drain from any one downspout in order to move the water away in specific situations. Whether you use corrugated pipe or PVC is especially important to note that a solid pipe should be used and not perforated lines. Perforated lines allow roots and debris to grow or flow into the pipe and can cause underground drains to clog. Underground drains are designed to allow water to flow away from a home even in a "level yard" situation they provide you with a safe travel distance for the water away from the foundation. The holes in the bottom of the pop-up emitter valves at the end of the lines provide drainage for the drain water that does not flow out the surface in a level drain installation situation.
Drainage Pipe
Coupon for Gutters

I called Blue River Gutters to fix a standing water issue in my front and back yard this year and I needed French drains plus the regular drains.  I ran across this company after getting quotes/assessments from various independent parties on Craigslist as well as companies on line (ie. Legacy Outdoors/Affordable Foundations).

The folks from Blue River (Adam and Misty) were very professional.  They showed up on time, stood by their quotes, explained the process and materials used as well as the warranty.  They also provided an architectural diagram of where all the French drains were so I can provide a copy to my neighbor and property manager when I decide to rent out the place.  They took the time to answer all my questions.  They also fixed a leaking/warped issue with my gutters. I had them take all the drain lines attached to my house under ground (backyard).  In the front, they fixed another standing water issue (my yard's shaped like a roller coaster) that could've been a liability issue since the standing water was damaging the adjacent fence of my neighbor and leading to a pesky weeds due to oversaturation of water.  They cut through the side walk to allow the water to drain properly down the street into a nearby gutter & did a phenomenal job.

Blue River did more work and used more quality materials (ie. the French drain peanuts, put home drains underground, fixed gutters), yet they still were less expensive than Affordable Foundation and Legacy Outdoors and their level of customer service surpassed all independent parties and companies I'd previously received assessments from. If you have standing water/gutter issues, I'd definitely recommend these guys.  I'm so glad I don't have to worry about my dogs being saturated in red clay dirt for days after a rain since the water doesn't sit any more and my front yard looks better due to less weeds from oversaturation of water.


LaShizzla A.

Harvest, AL
Downspout Drain

Drain Must Be Compatible with Downspout

Before installing an underground drain system it is imperative that you inspect and ensure that your current rain gutter system is functioning properly. Be sure the system is cleared and is draining completely. When Blue River Gutters installs a rain gutter system we use the large commercial downspouts 3 x 4“. If your home has the old 2 x 3 downspouts they should be removed and replaced with a new 3 x 4“ downspout. Once the downspouts are to the ground this is where the underground drain system will begin.

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