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Underground Drains Charlotte NC

Keep your yard from being flooded by water that pours out of your gutters and downspouts.

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Underground Drain Installation

Underground Drains Charlotte NC

The underground drain is designed to keep water from pouring out of your downspout and going into your basement or damaging the foundation. If you have guests over for cookouts or have kids that play in the yard, you want the ground to be dry.

We can install an underground drain on your property to help with these types of problems. We can also give you the information you need to ensure that your underground drain does not get clogged. You absolutely do not want this to happen, but if it does we also repair or replace underground drains.

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Underground Drain Clogging

Underground drains are an instrumental tool for moving rain water away from your home. As helpful as they are, they are vulnerable to clogging and once it happens, repairs can be rather costly. Depending on how far the drain reaches it can be tough to figure out where the clog is located. Your best bet is to put all the measure in place that prevent clogs from ever happening.

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Electrical Issues from Flooding

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems could emerge if water is not redirected away from any tools are electrical devices around your home.

Chemicals from Flooding

Chemicals & Insecticides

If you have recently sprayed for pests or insects around your home, water can cause it to disperse if not redirected.

Tree Erosion from Flooding

Tree Erosion

Too much water can damage the roots around trees and other shrubs in your yard if not dealt with.

Damage to Property from Flooding

Damage to Property

Water standing around your home can damage property including tables, chairs, and children’s toys.

Root Bound Drain Underground

A lot of people who install underground drains like to use corrugated pipes. The idea is that the small holes in the pipe allow water to escape into the soil which helps move more water at once. There is a problem with this however. Roots and other plants growing underground are attracted to water sources and they will eventually infiltrate your corrugated pipe.

Once the roots enter your underground drain, they will continue to grow until they are restricting the flow of water. In order to fix this problem you will probably need to replace that area of pipe if not the entire system. It is better to use a pipe that does not have holes in it such as PVC.