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Composite Fascia Boards

Why Composite Fascia Boards?

In our 20 years of experience, hundreds of customers have asked what type of composite fascia boards are best to use as an alternative to wood. The answer to this question largely revolves around which material can withstand all types of weather. Fascia boards are second only to a home’s foundation when it comes to being the front-line defense against weather conditions.

Composite fascia boards usually replace old wood or metal fascia boards. These types of boards were designed in an attempt to get the full richness of texture that a wood look gives you, but the durability and the longevity that is needed for fascia because it is on the front lines.

Here are some of the top contenders when it comes to quality composite fascia boards for your project.

Azek Timbertech

This product by Azek Company is a PVC Fascia Board manufactured in all of the same dimensional lumber that is used in constructing a standard home. TimberTech is virtually a lifetime product. You will never have a problem with deterioration from the Azek board. It will stand the test of time and it is worth the cost.

Negatives of Using Composite Fascia Boards

One of the negatives of this product is that this PVC material is subject to expansion and contraction. For this reason, you will see some gaps in the joints. You can avoid these gaps by trying to use full pieces as much as possible. You can also use good fasteners or exterior grade screws to limit the expansion and contraction. The wrong nails could pull through the vinyl.

Another preventative measure is to install the material in shaded areas that are not in direct contact with sunlight. You can also use lighter colors versus dark colors to reduce heat. Things like this can reduce the amount of expansion and contraction.

Composite Fascia Boards

Trex Decking

This material is more commonly used in decking and comes in full color. It lacks the aesthetic ability that Azek has, but Trex material is extremely durable. These types of board are also subject to expansion and contraction and need to be put in shadier areas to minimize weathering

Hardi Plank

This type of composite material is probably the most widely used fascia board in 2020. Many homes are being built using hardi plank. This material is made out of sand, cement and fibers that create a durable water resistant that can hold up to the weather conditions.

Architecture Matters When Using Composite Fascia Boards

You want to make sure the construction and architectural design around this product allows the water to flow away from so it doesn’t become too saturated. If this type of composite is not exposed to water too long it can dry out and return back to its original dry, solid state. If the board does become too saturated, it will start to break down.

LP Smart Side

Smart Side is essentially the same as OSB, commonly used for sub fascia applications. This product is designed for a fascia that has a heavy-duty paint coating or a waterproof coating to protect it from the elements. This material is probably the one most at risk for water damage. If sealed correctly and used in dryer areas, this product can be pretty durable.


It is important to consider your overall architectural layout. Pay attention to where the fascia boards are being used and what type of weather they are going to be subjected to. What you can afford to spend on the solution is going to have an influence on your choice. Ultimately, homes where Azek TimberTech is used are going to win the longevity contest. Just be sure to pick a product that suits your budget and suits the area where you are installing it.

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