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Splash Block

Poly Splash Blocks

Poly splash blocks are sold at hardware stores, Lowe’s or Home Depot. They come in grey, brown or green. This is the most affordable type of splash block you can buy. These types of splash blocks are used to carry the water away from the foundation once it exits the downspout.

Concrete Splash Blocks

Concrete splash blocks are a little harder to come by. Specialty concrete stores make them. They are heavy duty, durable, and are usually six to eight inches longer than the poly splash. Putting this product under your downspout is great option. They are durable and you can weed-eat round them or cut around them with a lawnmower. They won’t chip or fall apart.

Splash Block

Dry Creek Bed

Making a dry creek bed on a gravel or flat river rocks is a fantastic idea. You usually start just a little wider than the downspout and go out about a foot and a half wide, depending on how long you want it to be.

Making a synthetic dry creek bed for the downspout to run in can save the yard and flower bed. This will also add aesthetics to a landscape.

Concrete Paver Splash Block

One of the better options is a concrete paver. The best dimensions are 12 inches by 12 inches. This type of splash block comes in different colors and is gravel coated in several different textures. A good way to install them is to bury them underground two inches so that the surface is even with the ground.

This is a mow over splash block which is ideal. Any type of splash block that doesn’t make it harder for you to mow and do landscaping is nice. The concrete paver prevents the washout from the downspout and they aren’t easily seen from far away.

Decorative Splash Block

Decorative splash blocks are popular for customization and decorating for seasons. You can get all sorts of gargoyles, frogs and characters for certain holidays. Your can also get your favorite team mascot. They come in different shapes and sizes but still do the job of directing the water further away from the house.


Regardless of which ideas you choose, it is just important to note that you want to prevent the water from sitting close to your home. You want to make sure the water is getting two to three feet away from the foundation. The exact distance away from your foundation depends on how deep your footer goes. If you have a basement house, you want to be eight to ten feet away which would require some sort of piping. Most splash blocks are going to be 18 to 24 inches deep. The same distance away from the downspout as you are deep in the ground is ideal.

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