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The key functions of this transition sentence are to show the direction of the paragraph’s main idea and how it is related to the previous paragraph. Will the bridge survive through all the weather conditions that can occur, can it handle high winds and snow or will it start to sway back and forth until it breaks.

  • It comes down to balancing our lives by putting restrictions and not spending too much relying on it.
  • Arthur Miller uses the technique dramatic irony when Eddie calls the immigration bureau.
  • More so, the plate girder and deck functioned as aero-foils during the failure, thus creating lift-to-drag effect.
  • The achievement of Pit Bulls in this study disproves that they are inherently aggressive to people.

Before the bridge was built the slip way was the only way to cross the river without taking a long detour. The slip way was crossed at high tide by rowing a boat across, and at low tide by crossing on series gangplanks that were tied together. Both crossings were fairly dangerous and extremely inconvenient and therefore a bridge was a very popular idea. In fact, cyberbullying is a very serious issue for both children and adults. First of all, cyberbullies can hide easily and never be punished for what they do. Secondly, cyberbullies can access anyone because profiles are available to everyone.

What Is The Mood Of The Poem From The Brooklyn Bridge

If this ever came to fruition, it would be the world’s longest rope suspension bridge at a distance of 600 feet . There are many differences between our bridge and other bridges. Also another difference would be weight and capacity, and the size or length.

When Catherine insults him if he is marrying a woman he does not love just to be an American, Rodolpho says, ‘I want to be an American so I can work, that is the only wonder here ― work! Eddie kisses Rodolpho in the last scene to test him and make fun of his ‘gay’ behavior. He uses ‘ain’t right’ to imply that homosexuality violates the moral standard as heterosexuality should be the social norm. This reflects that society generally does not accept homosexuality and even has homophobia.

Types Of Bridges Research Paper

This transitional bridge beginning with the phrase, “Jellyfish have other weird characteristics” efficiently sets up the next RD and keeps the writing flowing. While we are placing this in the alternating RD/INT category, this body paragraph can also be seen as being composed of three, consecutive basic research blocks . This template can be easily created through the action icon by adding alternating RDs and INTs.

After the centre span had collapsed, it resulted in fractional sheering of the rivets which directly connected the turrets to the top of the piers . Steel and concrete at the centre of the span were already destroyed and they were laying on the bottom of the narrows.

Introduction Example

Introduction Construction failure has been recognized as one main cause of bridge collapse. However, it does not attract public attention because approximate 80% of bridge collapses caused by construction failure happened in the course of construction. Examples of typical transitional bridges are such phrases as, “According to James Peterson”, “Consider the following examples” and “This is demonstrated in the following quote”.

  • Think of the initial bridge as the hook from the introduction, just a bit shorter.
  • What’s ironic is that your “short response” can quickly grow to 750 to 1,000 if you have a lot to say.
  • So it seems that for this particular sandwich, the quaint simplicity of good ol’ plain white is what the doctor ordered.
  • These considerations include the weight of the bridge, the length, height and the materials to be used in the entire process.
  • Steel and concrete at the centre of the span were already destroyed and they were laying on the bottom of the narrows.

Catherine is an orphan who grows up in the care of her motherly aunt, Beatrice, and Beatrice’s husband, Eddie. The fifth and the last step in the construction process involves gluing nine sticks, which form the crossbeams at the top of example of a bridge in an essay the bridge. The second step involves one large beam and another smaller one to create a truss wall. We then put the beams on the table with the flat side facing down, after which it we arrange six sticks to form a triangular pattern.

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Out of the 600 workers, at least 20 of them died during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, including Roebling himself. After 13 years of construction, the Brooklyn Bridge was finally opened for use on May 24, 1883. For our physics practical, we visited The Millennium Bridge a pedestrian footbridge located at the heart of London that crosses the River Thames. It links the City and St Paul’s Cathedral to the north with the Globe Theatre and Tate Modern on Bankside. Construction of this infrastructure began in the late 1998 by the engineering company Arup and it was launched on the 10 June 2000.

One could easily read these words as sarcastic jesting or a loving acknowledgment of a few physical flaws. One the other hand, they can also be construed as true depictions of illness and age. The cheeks lose their color because of some sickness and the breath becomes malodorous due to an internal disease. Meanwhile, the speaker can only observe helplessly as his lover slowly fades away.

Narrative Essay On Truss Bridge

One cannot speak of a good bridge in an essay without referring to a conclusive transition. There are no strict definitions and classifications, and catalogs when it comes to bridge sentences in essay writing. We can call any sentence a bridge sentence, as long as it serves the purpose of transiting the reader’s attention from one piece of text to another.

example of a bridge in an essay

Since it is a bit longer, the writer added a bridge writing frame to the mix using the action icon. This bridge allows the next research detail and subsequent interpretation to flow smoothly within the paper. Thesis Type Description Example Persuasive Statement The persuasive statement presents the central argument that the author plans to argue for in the body of the essay. Healthcare is a basic human right and should be provided by the government. Expository Statement Expository thesis statements are written to be unbiased and to present information in a straightforward way. The smallpox vaccine was the first vaccine; it was developed in 1798. Analysis Statement An analysis thesis statement is used in essays that analyze a particular topic, such as a specific piece of literature.

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It has been observed that during peak hours in the city, the high speed traffic makes it very unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the street. Thus the construction of a crossover bridge with bike lanes and trails has been suggested that can improve the road safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Click here for sample essays written by our professional writers. He could also be the bridge as he allows immigrants to arrive and depart from one place to another. Arthur Miller perhaps wrote this story to show the experiences that many immigrants had when he grew up, as he is also an immigrant.

Rodolpho seeks agreement from Marco, who nods doubtfully and corrects him, ‘two months but not six months. This clearly shows the good understanding of their brotherhood and Marco’s authority over his younger brother. In contrast, the freshness of romance appears in the young couple Catherine and Rodolpho, who fall in love with each other at first sight. When Catherine and Rodolpho are in a flirting conversation, Catherine says, ‘Teach me.

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With these considerations, it is vital to consider that the project elaborates on the construction procedure as well as the time it takes to complete the construction. For this reason, this paper will be focusing on the construction objectives, thereby giving an elaboration on the process itself. The paper also takes note of the materials used in the construction process, consequently giving an analysis of the results. In order to obtain a clear demonstration of the process, the paper will include a number of images that will enhance the understanding of the process. Opening bridge sentences are the first sentences in each paragraph. They serve the purpose of connecting each new paragraph with the previous one. Unlike the topic sentences, opening sentences don’t define the theme for all paragraphs in an essay.

This initial bridge is clearly transitioning from a previous paragraph about squelching student creativity. It echoes the POP from the introduction, and it’s focused on civil rights violations. The words “squelching” and “flagrant violation” help to a tone of confident disagreement. It is tempting for younger writers to want to jump right into the paragraph’s first research detail, but we recommend a little patience. It is the job of the essayist to create an environment in which the reader may process the information in a way that is comfortable, and not rushed.

The bridge will be constructed following all the construction guidelines of Newport city. This project aims at providing alternative how to write a controlling idea transportation amenities. This bridge will ensure that the pedestrians and cyclists can safely pass through the high speed traffic.

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