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Our company has been providing quality seamless gutter services for Huntsville, AL and surrounding areas for over 10 years. We have been in the gutter business for almost 23 years and we have worked on thousands of homes. We install seamless gutters, gutter guards, downspouts, underground drains, and repair and replace rotten fascia boards.

When you call us for seamless gutter installation, a customer service agent will come to your home and analyze the project. The agent will be able to recommend colors, sizes, or types of metal that would best suit your home. Of course in the end, it is your choice as the homeowner. Once the details have been finalized, the project is scheduled and the materials are ordered. One of our professional seamless gutter installers will promptly arrive on the scheduled day and time to complete the project.

Seamless Gutters Huntsville AL

Seamless Gutter Advantages

Seamless Gutters are superior to standard gutters because they require less maintenance and are more aesthetically pleasing. Gutters expand and contract due to weather conditions. Seamless gutters do not have a problem with seams moving around and possibly allowing leaks to get through. As standard gutters experience expansion and contraction, they can be misaligned or damaged.

Seamless Gutters Huntsville AL

Less Maintenance & Repairs

The lack of external seams means seamless gutters won’t crack or rust over time and they’re unlikely to leak when they’re put under pressure from expansion and contraction, heavy rainfalls, or snow-melting temperatures in winter.

Seamless Gutters Huntsville AL

Complete Water Protection

Traditional gutters have seams along which water can collect, promote rot and compromise your home’s exterior. Seamless gutters offer complete protection against water damage, keeping your home looking great year after year.

Increased Durability

Seamless gutters do not have joints, which are naturally weaker than one piece of gutter. Seamless gutters also tend to come in thicker gauges so they can last longer and will be able to stand up to any type of weather that they are exposed to.

Why You Should Choose Us

We take pride in our craftsmanship and our ability to clean, repair, and install gutters that look great and last long. If you want to enjoy years of hassle-free gutter maintenance, it’s in your best interest to hire a proven professional. With us on your side, there’s no need to worry about keeping up with regular cleaning or fixing clogged gutters. When you hire Blue River Gutters, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is well protected from leaks and water damage. If it’s time to freshen up your home exterior with new gutters, contact us today for a free estimate.

Testimonials From Customers in the Huntsville, AL area

"Blue River Gutters were friendly and professional through out the entire process. They arrived on time for the quote and install. The gutter cleaning and leaf guard install went quickly and they cleaned up when they finished. I highly recommend them."
Michael T
Huntsville, AL
"Thorough inspection and planning for installation. They took the time to discuss options, down spout locations, and details about the volume of water to be handled and requirements to do so. They were very helpful and personable. I'd recommend them to anyone."
John S
Huntsville, AL

Frequently Asked Questions About Seamless Gutters in Huntsville, AL

If your gutters were installed when your home was built, they may be beyond repair. Gutter systems have a 15- to 20-year lifespan, but in harsh weather climates they last only five to seven years before needing replacement. Likewise, if you haven’t maintained your gutters over time or live in an area with particularly heavy storms or extreme weather conditions, it’s likely that you will need to replace them. Alabama has some of the highest temperatures in America and if your gutters are not seamless, a lot of expansion and contraction is taking place in the seams. It would be smart to upgrade to seamless gutters so when expansion contraction occurs, water does not leak and damage your home.

First, the areas where the gutters are needed are measured and added to a running total for the home. Based on the color, size, style, and type of metal that is chosen, coil is ordered by the pound from a supplier. The roll of coil is brought to the project location along with a large roll-forming machine that can weigh over 1.5 thousand pounds. The coil is loaded in the machine and “Seamless Gutter Technicians” run out each piece of gutter from the machine to the exact length that is needed for each section on the home. 

The seamless gutters that we offer come in multiple colors and styles, allowing you to make them stand out in your home or match them to your existing design scheme. Seamless gutters also have a beautiful finish that lasts much longer than other types of metal gutters, ensuring they retain their good looks even after years of use.

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