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Rotten Wood Huntsville AL

Aging wood exposed to the elements can deteriorate quickly and can damage your gutters by letting them fall off of your home.

Rotten Fascia Board Services

Rotted Wood Huntsville AL

We offer top notch wood replacement services and know the importance of having a firm foundation for rain gutters to be mounted to.

Our rotten wood services include removing old or deteriorating wooden fascia boards We also install solid new wood to match existing exterior wood styles. We paint and caulk with our white paint or with the customers paint if it is a color other than white. Our team is proficient at reinstalling vinyl and metal cladding material when necessary. We can clean up any and disposing of all debris.

If you notice the fascia board/rotten wood under your gutter is getting too weak to support your rain gutters properly, don’t wait for more damage to be done. Trust us to take care of your fascia wood replacement so you can rest assured knowing that your gutters are installed properly and securely.

Fascia Board Security

The wood beneath your gutters is called a fascia board. It runs horizontally under a roof edge that covers the openings between the rafters of the roof and is used as the main mounting support for a home’s rain gutter system. The fascia board typically consisting of wood, wood substitute, metal, or wood with metal cladding, along with a soffit board, encloses the attic space of most homes.

Over time water deteriorates this board and causes your gutters to sag away from the house. This can be caused by short shingles allowing water to flow behind the gutter system, clogged gutters overflowing the back of the gutter, leaking seams, and or leaking corners. In any case, it is imperative for the rotten wood to be replaced to prevent the rain gutter system from falling off the house or to enable a new rain gutter system to be installed properly and securely. ​

Black Mold from Water Damage

Black Mold

Wood Damage can spread throughout other structures and cause black mold to form.

Rotten Fascia Board

Roof Damage

The roof over your head is the most important part of your home. Stay dry by treating rotten wood.

Rotten Fascia Board


If wood rots on the exterior of your room it can open gaps for air to travel in and out of your home.

Pest Control


Termites love damp wood. They will wreak havoc on your home if you don’t take care of rotting behind your gutter.

Danger of Falling Gutters

If left unrepaired gutters can even become a falling hazard as they can be extremely heavy if clogged and when or if they fall could damage other property or worse, could even injure someone. For safety and proper maintenance, it is important to replace any and all rotten wood.

A periodic inspection will keep you up to speed and help you keep your gutters maintained and firmly attached to your home. You can trust Blue River Gutters to carefully maintain your home. We pride ourselves on being Alabama’s Top Gutter Company/