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Rotten Wood Charlotte NC

Aging wood exposed to the elements can deteriorate quickly and can damage your gutters by letting them fall off of your home.

Fascia Board Repair

Rotted Wood Charlotte NC

Sometimes water can get behind your gutters and cause the fascia boards to rot. When this happens it isn’t always noticeable. You may not even be able to see it without doing a detailed inspection of your gutter system. 

Be very careful to keep the wood from rotting around your gutters because a lot of bad things can happen once you get to that point. Rotted wood can attract termites and if there are holes in the wood hornets and other pests can get inside.

The water damage will spread and you may eventually end up needing a new roof and new walls if it is bad enough. Our team can come out and inspect your fascia boards and your gutter system. 

Prevent Rotted Fascia Boards

If you install your roof and your gutters properly usually you won’t have an issue with rotted wood. Sometimes when companies install a roof or gutters, they use the wrong screws. This can allow the gutter to pull loose and not fit as tightly to the fascia board. Once that occurs, water can get behind it more easily and begin to rot.

You may also find that some people do not paint or treat the wood behind their gutter because they think it is being covered up or the roof is hanging over enough to protect it. It is always best to make sure your fascia boards are painted because things happen and you don’t want to end up having to repair your roof and gutters.

Black Mold from Water Damage

Black Mold

Wood Damage can spread throughout other structures and cause black mold to form.

Rotten Fascia Board

Roof Damage

The roof over your head is the most important part of your home. Stay dry by treating rotten wood.

Rotten Fascia Board


If wood rots on the exterior of your room it can open gaps for air to travel in and out of your home.

Pest Control


Termites love damp wood. They will wreak havoc on your home if you don’t take care of rotting behind your gutter.

Don't Let Your Gutters Fall

One of the ways people come to realize their fascia boards are damaged is when after a long period of time, the gutters fall off. This happens because the wood eventually becomes so weak, it can no longer hold the gutters. This is especially true if you have a long run of seamless gutters.

Always make sure you are visually inspecting your gutters during cleanings and if you need to tighten up some brackets or screws go ahead and do that so water is less likely to sneak behind your gutters.