Blocked Gutter

How to Know if You Have a Blocked Gutter System

Water is Running Over the Front Edge of the Gutter

The first way to fix a blocked gutter is to clean out the gutter trough. Make sure that it is clean and clear.

Secondly, you can clean out the downspouts, make sure that they are clear and flowing. 

Finally, clean out the underground drain and make sure it is clear and flowing. These can all be reasons why the water is running over the front edge of the gutters.

Water is Leaking and Dripping at the Seams and Corners

Use a blower at the seams that are leaking or at the corner.  You can also use a blower to clear away all the debris in your blocked gutter system. Use a dry towel to wipe away any moisture that is on the scene where the old sealer was or where it’s been peeled back. Re-seal with an approved gutter sealer. Seal all the joints in the area where water could be leaking through the seams.

Water Running Down Between the Gutter and the Fascia Board

Make sure you fasten the gutters to the wall strong enough. Your gutters could be pulled away, and fasteners could be broken or come loose. Another way to fix it would be to  install a drip edge if the shingles are too short. This can be used to ensure that the water goes from the roof edge down into the gutter and doesn’t run between the gutter system and your fascia board. A third solution is to extend the roofing edge out farther so that the drip line lands in the gutter and doesn’t work back and run behind the gutter system.

Blocked Gutter

Gutters are Overflowing But Do Not Appear to be Blocked

Check that the downspouts are indeed actually cleaned. Confirming that downspouts are cleaned out can be difficult. Use a water hose to run down a particular downspout and make sure water is flowing out. You can also use a leaf blower to stick in the outlet inside the blocked gutter and make sure that air is flowing clear and out the bottom of the downspout.

Gutters and Downspouts are Clear but Water is Overflowing

You may need to get larger gutters. You can get gutters as large as six or seven inches. Another solution would be better downspout placement. Changing the location of where the outlet and downspout is actually placed can improve water flow since water doesn’t flow around corners that well. Thirdly, you can add additional downspouts to improve the drainage of this gutter system.

Water Bubbling Where the Downspout Connects to the Underground Drain

Begin by disconnecting and flushing out the system with a hose with a jet head hose attachment. Using this tool can actually allow you to run it down into the pipe several feet and clear away debris and sediment that can be blocking the pipe. If that doesn’t work, you can actually call Roto-Rooter. They will come and run a camera to see what’s actually causing the blocked gutter system. You may have to reinstall your underground drainage system since they do fail from time to time.

Water Overflowing at the End of a Run

Usually this is an indication of a blocked gutter. However, if you have cleaned your gutters or cleared them of all debris it is something else. It could be that the gutters have too much pitch and the water is flowing too fast. Make sure your gutters don’t need to be repitched to a lesser slope to prevent overflow. What is desired is to have no more than a quarter inch over a 10 foot drop to water spout. More than this can cause water to build up in the gutter or worse, to flow over.

Blocked Gutter

Water is Creating a Hole in My Yard

If you don’t have splash guards, the water coming out of the downspout at a high speed can make a hole in the ground. Add a splash block or connect your downspout to an underground drain system to eliminate this problem.

My Gutters and Downspouts are Loud

After a heavy rain, there will be a remnant of water that will sit in the gutter and flow into the downspout very slowly. This sometimes happens on the really long runs where the water will drip for hours after a rainstorm is over. Increase the pitch on the gutters to allow them to drain quicker. You can also use a piece of foam rubber and glue it into the inside of the elbow at the bottom of the downspout to silence the dripping.

Water is Just Standing in the Gutter Trough

If the water is only a quarter inch to a half inch deep, just leave it alone. People are often upset about seeing a quarter inch of water standing in the bottom of the gutter but this is not a problem. Gutters are designed to catch water and a small amount will often sit there until it dries up. Some people are concerned with varmints and mosquitoes using this water as a breeding ground. If the amount of water is excessive and doesn’t dry up within a day after it rains, you might have a concern. If you absolutely want the water to go away, you can add another downspout somewhere or repitch the gutter. However, pitching gutters can make a home’s design and overall aesthetics look a little crooked if it is done too much.

There are many things that you can do to prevent a blocked gutter and keep the current gutter system working well by solving small problems that you see. Leave a comment below if you’d like us to answer a question about an issue with your gutters.

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