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Drip Edge

Main Tools for Installing Drip Edge


Before you begin to install a drip edge, you want to make sure that your ladders are set up solid and in the correct way. Make sure your extension ladder feet are safely dug into the ground on a flat surface.

Flat Bar or Screwdriver

Use a flat bar or a large flat screwdriver to lift the shingle edge off the roof decking to loosen the edge up. Be careful not to tear the shingles.

Drip Edge Sections

Whether the drip edge is custom made or pre-bought, the edge will come in 10 foot sections. If you are installing the it by yourself, a 10 foot section might be too long. Cutting the sections in half and installing them in five foot sections can be easier if you don’t have any help. Installing in 5 foot sections will use a little bit more material because of the lap between sections.

Drip Edge

Felt Paper and Roof Decking Best Practices

When you install the drip edge, you are going to put it up under the shingles. It needs to be under the felt paper for best results. Make sure the top edge reaches all the way back to the roof decking. This is the most important part of the installation.

This is so the angle is consistent with the roof leading down into the gutter. Installing a flat drip edge on top of a fascia board can cause water to run back into your overhangs.

Securing the Drip Edge

Secure the drip edge under the shingles and through the roof decking. This can be done in 5 foot sections. Screw about one third from each end. This should be sufficient to hold a 5 foot section.

When installing your second 5 foot sections, use a minimum of a one inch lap. Every 10 foot section, you would lose about 2 to 3 inches. When you are calculating your total footage, take this into account. Ideally your lap will be around 1.5 inches.


Ensure that your drip edge is the right size and that it reaches all the way to the roof decking before coming out over the fascia board.

If you are installing a drip edge over gutters, make sure it reaches into the gutter system and not above it. Sometimes it is necessary to have your drip edge custom-made so it will reach all the way to the gutter.

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