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Heavy Construction Industry

If you’re trying to get a job as a heavy construction worker, you’re on the right path. The heavy construction industry is one of the consistently growing industries in the country. According to a report by Forbes, about 70% of high sales industries relate to the construction industry. 

Aside from being a fast-growing industry, the remuneration of landing a heavy construction job is attractive. And there’s plenty of room for growth. According to a recent report from Investopedia, the salary range of construction workers will increase by more than 3% yearly.

The nice part of getting a job in the heavy contractor industry is you don’t need a formal education to get a job. There are opportunities for both educated and uneducated workers in the heavy contractor industry. 

If you’re looking for a job in heavy construction, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll show you how to land a heavy construction job in easy steps.

Research the Industry

The heavy construction industry is a wide industry with lots of career opportunities. Each one of these career paths is unique. Your first duty before landing a heavy construction job is to research the industry. You need to understand the way it works.

When you dive into the heavy construction industry, you’ll see the different career options. Likewise, you’ll have an understanding of what you need to do to enter the profession. With the information, you’ll have insight into the best steps to start and grow in the industry. A good place to find valuable information about the many different aspects of the heavy construction industry is WeberDex. There you can learn about different types of equipment, jobs, and you my also be able to find a company to intern or network with.

Heavy Construction

Pick a Specific Profession

There are numerous career paths in the heavy construction industry. There are civil engineers, bricklayers, procurement officers, to mention a few. While it seems great to know many things, it’s not a huge asset in the heavy construction industry. Your best bet is to research the different career paths and seek to become an expert in one. 

Because the heavy construction industry is broad, you may have difficulty picking out a favorite career. What you can do is choose a career that aligns with your skillset. If you’re an academic person, you may try the more professional career paths.

Get the Required Education and Training

Irrespective of the career path you choose in the heavy construction industry, you’ll need to have technical skills. The moment you choose your preferred career path, your next step is researching how to learn your trade. Whether you pick a professional career or a nonprofessional career path, having the requisite training is compulsory. 

For the professional designations, you’ll need to get yourself certified in that field. That means you have to go to school for formal education and a degree. After clinching the degree, the next step is getting the certification to qualify as a professional. 

For the nonprofessional choice, you have to learn on the job. The ideal option is a period of apprenticeship with an experienced senior colleague. Say your preferred career choice is bricklaying. You have to train yourself under a professional bricklayer. You’ll learn the technicalities of this type of heavy contractor job while gaining crucial on-the-job experience.

Train Your Patience and Endurance

You can’t graduate with an engineering degree on your first day at the university. Furthermore, you cannot gain all the experience you need to be an engineer even when you have the degree. 

Most, if not all, heavy construction jobs require you to keep learning for life. You have to remain patient enough to continue learning throughout your career.

A job in the heavy contractor industry means you’ll mostly be working under the sun and in other weather conditions. The ability to endure such conditions can be a crucial job skill.

Learn How to Work on a Team

Working in the heavy construction industry is a career that requires teamwork. You can’t build a machine or construct a building on your own. If you want to get a heavy contractor job, you must develop teamwork skills. The success of a heavy contractor project depends heavily on the team working as a collective. 

If you study in school for a degree, you’ll do some group work as assignments. Hence, you’ll already have some experience working as a team. 

If you didn’t get a formal education, you’d have to learn to understand people while working on your team. Without teamwork, the heavy contractor industry may not even exist.

Get Your Resume or Portfolio Right

In any industry, and for any employer, you need to show them what you can do. The best way to show prospective employers you’re a good fit is to use your experience. 

Because you may not get an opportunity to meet with your employer immediately, you need to document your experience. A resume or a portfolio will help you do just that.

A resume is a document that states your experience in words, while a portfolio says them in both words and images. If you can, it’s best to document your experience in a portfolio. 

When you see a heavy contractor job opening, you can always submit your portfolio. The employer will review your experience, and once you meet the requirements, you’ll land the job.

Search Smartly for an Internship or Apprenticeship

When you have the requisite skills and knowledge to land a job in the heavy contractor industry, you must search for the positions. You can start searching for jobs on online platforms like LinkedIn. Likewise, you can look for other openings online. 

If you want to get contracts on your own, you can take time out to tell people about your profession. You can research how other contractors in your niche market their services and follow suit with added advantages.

Final Words

Landing a heavy contractor job is straightforward when you make the right moves. Your first move is to research the industry and train yourself to follow a chosen career path. 

We have explained how you can get a job in the heavy contractor industry in this guide. Follow the steps, and good luck!

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