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Blocked Gutters

How Gutters Get Blocked

Over the course of time, leaves, twigs, sticks, and other types of tree debris fall blocking the outlet that leads to the downspout. This can stop the flow of water from running through your gutters properly. Surprisingly, items such as a tennis ball, kids toy, or bird nests can also cause clogging to occur. When this happens, the gutters will begin to overflow when it rains. This will cause the fascia boards to rot, the foundation to bed damaged, and the ground will be softer around the home.

When your gutters get blocked, they become very heavy after it rains. The metal itself that the gutters are made up of in addition to the six pounds per gallon of water that gutters can hold results in your system weighing hundreds of pounds. This giant weight could be looming over your head as you walk around the house. This isn’t as much of a problem if the brackets securing your gutter system are up to par. If your gutter brackets have deteriorated, the nails have begun to come loose, or the board that they’re mounted to has started to decay, you have a gutter system that is susceptible to falling when it gets blocked. 

Blocked Gutter

Blocked Gutter Health Hazards

Falling Gutters

Keeping your gutters cleaned is very important. Cleaning them two to three times a year is recommended best practice. If gutters become heavy and fall down, it could potentially become a hazard to someone causing harm or even death. You definitely don’t want two or three hundred pounds of metal and debris falling on you or someone else’s head. Keep your gutters cleaned for this reason.

Dangerous Pests

Pests can live in your gutters causing them to be blocked. It’s a good idea to inspect your gutters often and prevent these critters from living inside. One of the most annoying pests that live in gutters or under certain types of gutter guard systems is the wasp. Wasps can build really large nests and become a hazard and nuisance very quickly. 

Blocked Gutters Hold Diseases

When gutters are allowed to hold water, debris, and decaying matter, the sun can bake up a concoction of mildew and disease-ridden residues. Always use gloves when cleaning out gutters. Mysterious things that can be found in gutters that you don’t want to take a chance on. This concoction is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other critters.

Falling From a Ladder

Knowing how to properly set up a stepladder or an extension ladder is extremely important when cleaning out blocked gutters. An extension ladder leaned against the face of a gutter system is probably one of the riskiest things you will see. Two metals slid together, or even fiberglass and metal together can become very slippery. An extension ladder can slide to the left or to the right, causing you to fall. 

We always recommend that you put a foam pad or some type of foam boot on the end of your ladder as well as between the ladder and the gutter. Not only will this protect your finish, but it also keeps you from sliding to the left and right. Trying to slide to the left and right of an extension ladder is very dangerous, especially if you’re not a professional. Always face the back of your stepladder towards your work and the front of your stepladder out away from your work. Work over the top of the ladder toward the back when pushing or doing any type of manual labor at the top.


Keep your gutters clean two to three times a year can prevent blocked gutters. Check them periodically, even if they are cleaned to prevent things from something from getting in there and backing them up over time. Doing this will help prevent a hazardous fall or creatures and diseases from building up. If you are going to get on the ladder to inspect or to do maintenance on your gutter system, always considering the safety concerns involved with using a ladder.

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