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Gutter Repair Charlotte NC

Gutters can be damaged by the weather, tree branches, or they could just come apart because of bad installation.

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Repair Options

Gutter Repair Charlotte NC

Fascia Board

Fascia Boards

Your fascia boards can get damaged if water overflows behind the gutters. This can cause serious structural damage to your home and roof if you aren’t regularly inspecting your gutter system.

Gutter Screws Charlotte NC


Gutter fasteners can come loose over the course of time if the wind blows hard or if you used the wrong ones. Making sure you are using the right screws is key to keeping your gutters in good shape.

Gutter Brackets (3)


Gutter brackets are going have a lot of pressure on them, especially if you have long runs of seamless gutters. Make sure they are the right type and they are not spread too far apart and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Eavestrough Repair


From time to time tree branches can fall on your gutters. Debris is constantly falling from trees and can lead to occasional dings. If your gutters get clogged, rotting can set in weakening the eavestrough.

Slope Adjustment

Slope Adjustment

If something hits your gutters or some screws come loose, the slope of your gutters can be affected. The slope isn’t very big to begin with so any slight differential can impact water flow.

Gutter Corner

Corner Leaks

The corners of your gutter system is where a lot overflow can occur. The reason is because it a sharp turn and the water is moving too fast to make a smooth transition without going over the edge.

Faulty Mount

Faulty Mounts

The mounting system for your downspout should be stable so your downspouts don’t lose water flow. The downspout is connected to an outlet above so if it moves any it could disconnecte causing a leak.

Flow Issues

Flow Issues

Leaking downspouts are not necessarily devastating, but depending on where they are positioned you may have water landing in areas you don’t want it to. It could be as simple as tightening up the screws.


Gutter Repair Huntsville AL

We recommend that you have your gutter system inspected at least every two years. Quick regular checks on your gutters during cleanings and throughout the year will ensure that you don’t have larger problems landing on you all at once.

When we come do our analysis of your gutter system, we let you know if a repair will suffice or if you will need a complete replacement.

Sometimes repairing an issue can lead to worse problems in the future. Ultimately, we will give our recommendation and let you make the best choice for your home.

DIY Projects and Repairs

What to Consider for DIY

Sometimes handling repairs yourself can be more affordable. Some things that you must consider are quality, safety, and cost. 

If you do a job yourself, you may not have the tools and you may not have access to the materials for the same cost as the contactor. It is unlikely that a homeowner is going to have access to a seamless gutter machine if they need to replace a gutter system

Safety is paramount and gutter work requires the use of ladder and being on a roof for an extended period of time. 

The total cost of a DIY project can vary greatly and it is possible that you can get out for a lot less if you know what you are doing. However, if you are trying to save money with no experience or understanding of gutter systems, you will likely spend more time and money than if you had just hired a professional.