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Gutter Guards are the alternative option for cleaning gutters at least two times a year. Unless you clean the gutters yourself, the minimum maintenance costs can often be much higher within just two to three years. The value of eliminating interior gutter cleanings and the long-term protection of your home that comes with having gutter guards is often more than worth any additional up-front costs that you incur.
Gutter Guards
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Types of Leaf Protection

What you are looking for, is a low/easy maintenance leaf guard, and not another "maintenance free" television lie.

Our two main leaf guards are:
#1. Leaf Dog
#2. Stainless Mesh Screens

In order to decide which guard is right for you, you need to answer the next two questions.

First, do you have leaves and debris, or pine needles and debris? Pine needles and debris requires the use of the Stainless Mesh Screens. Though the Leaf Dog works with pine needles it can hold some needles in an upright position, making the roof and gutter look messy and un-kept.

Second, what type of roofing do you have? Is your roofing smooth metal, asphalt shingles, or a granulated metal? Smooth metal roofing requires the Stainless Micro Screens and we recommend a minimum 6-inch gutter with smooth metal roofing.

Protect Your Gutters with Gutter Guards

Protecting your gutter system with gutter guards allows rain water from the roof to flow unobstructed down the gutter and out of the downspout drains to the ground and ultimately a safe distance from the structure's foundation.
Gutter Maintenance

Less Maintenance

Investing in gutter protection reduces the need for maintenance and repair by keeping debris from blocking water flow.

Water Leaks

Less Water Leaks

If your gutters are clogged with debris, water will sit on your roof and eventually cause leaks and water damage.

Foundation Repair

Strong Foundation

Your homes’s foundation is the important component. If water can’t drain away, extensive damage can be done.

Garden Damage

Yard & Garden

Standing water around the foundation of your home can destroy flower beds and other landscaping.

Choose the Right Gutter Guards

The main challenge with gutter protection is the wide variety of debris that is present in most environments. The key is to identify the types of debris that are falling into your gutter system. Once the assessment is made, it is imperative that you pick a guard consistent with the season or type of debris that effects your home the most. Keep in mind, there is no guard that blocks debris 100%. Finding a leaf guard product that is durable and prevents the vast majority of debris from clogging your gutter will leave you with the most positive results. Maintenance for your gutters will still be needed, but too a much lesser extent.
Gutter Guards
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Great job and great at keeping me updated on the time and dates of service. I fix up homes and he did a much better job than the last company I used. I will use him on the next job.


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They were very nice to work with. Friendly and professional. Gutters were cleaned and they left no trace of mess behind them. Already planning on using them again.


Angie's List A+

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Foundation Damage

The Integrity of Your Home Shouldn't Wait

If you don't already have gutter guards, you should strongly consider getting some, but especially during the fall months. Leaves constantly fall into your gutter system. When it rains or the wind blows, the leaves and debris begin to fall. Keep your gutter cleaned and maintained for the long haul. We are here to help solve your clogged gutter problems. Keep your gutters clear and leaf-free by letting us install your gutter guard system. We take pride in being Alabama's Top Gutter Company.

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