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Gutter Guards Huntsville AL

Gutter guards will help you keep the water flowing through your gutters and downspouts without having clogging issues. 

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Types of Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards Huntsville AL

The two main types of gutter guards you should get are Leaf Dog or a stainless mesh screen. In order to decide which guard is right for you, you need to answer the next two questions.

First, do you have leaves and debris, or pine needles? Pine needles and debris
requires the use of stainless mesh screens. Though the Leaf Dog works with pine needles, it can hold some needles in an upright position, making the roof and gutter look messy and un-kept.

Secondly, what type of roofing do you have? Is your roofing smooth metal, asphalt shingles, or a granulated metal? Smooth metal roofing requires the stainless micro screens and we recommend a minimum 6-inch gutter with smooth metal roofing.

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Why Gutter Guards?

Leaves and debris can clog up your gutters in a hurry if you don’t keep them clean. It is recommended that you clean your gutters two or three times per year but for many people this is not realistic. Instead of having to maintain your gutters as often, you can install gutter guards. Gutter guards will protect your gutters from the vast majority of debris, prevent clogging, and they require much less maintenance.

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Gutter Maintenance

Less Maintenance

Investing in gutter protection reduces the need for maintenance and repair by keeping debris from blocking water flow.

Water Leaks

Less Water Leaks

If your gutters are clogged with debris, water will sit on your roof and eventually cause leaks and water damage.

Foundation Repair

Strong Foundation

Your homes’s foundation is the important component. If water can’t drain away, extensive damage can be done.

Garden Damage

Yard & Garden

Standing water around the foundation of your home can destroy flower beds and other landscaping.

Gutter Guards are Required if you Have an Underground Drain

Keeping your underground drain unclogged is absolutely vital. Installing an underground drain can cost thousands of dollars and repairs are not easy to make. If you  do not have gutter guards, it will eventually get clogged.  Minor clogging in your gutter system is inevitable, if this happens underground you have no way of containing it. Once the clog occurs, you are going to have an almost impossible job on your hands. You may end up having to replace the entire underground drain. Gutter guards are worth the investment to keep your drain clean and functional.

Types of Debris Gutter Guards Protect Against

Gutter Guards Huntsville AL

Pine Needles Alabama

Pine Needles

Pine needles can cause a lot of problems for your gutter system. For those with gutter systems in Alabama, you will have to deal with pine needles a lot since the state tree is the Longleaf Pine. In fact, only certain types of gutter guards can be used to protect against pine needles because they can easily enter small holes due to their size. If they fall just right, they can end up in your gutters even if you have gutter guards.

Red Cedar Leaves Alabama

Cedar Leaves

Cedar leaves have a needle like shape and are packed in a cluster. Cedar leaves are slightly heavier than other leaves such as maple leaves. They have a wax like substance on them which can get sticky. These types of leaves also have small seeds attached to them. These seeds can mean big trouble for your gutter system. These seeds can fall down the downspout fairly easy and infiltrate your underground drain.

Maple Leaves Alabama

Maple Leaves

Maple leaves are a little but larger but they aren’t heavy. They have a needle like end and when they fall from trees they spin down needle end first. This means that if they land just right they can stand straight up in your gutter guards. This isn’t usually a problem since the other end is too big to fit through the hole. If the needle end comes unattached however you could have a small buildup of them in your gutters underneath the guard.