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Gutter guards protect your gutter troughs from collecting debris and require much less cleaning maintenance than a system without gutter guards.

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Gutter Guards
No Maintenance or Low Maintenance?

Gutter Guards Charlotte NC

One of the greatest benefits of gutter guards is they keep you from having to clean your gutters as much. They are especially helpful if you have an underground drain system because if it gets clogged you could possibly be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs.

Most gutter companies offer gutter guard installation as a service, but many of them use a false selling point that has cost their customers a lot of money and led to negative reviews. The selling point these gutter companies are using are regarding the amount of maintenance required for a gutter system with gutter guards. They use the term “no maintenance” or “zero maintenance.” This is factually incorrect.

There is no such as thing as a zero maintenance gutter guard. There is however a low maintenance gutter guard. Keep this misconception in mind when you are in the market for gutter guards.

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Why You Need Gutter Guards

The reason why you need gutter guards is simple, they protect gutters better than any of the other available options. You invested in gutters to protect your home and property from rain damage, but if they aren’t maintained, they can actually cause a bigger problem than you had to begin with.

Many homeowners have gutters installed and expect that to solve all their problems. They don’t give their gutters a second thought for months or years until they have plants and trees growing inside of them. It is only then that they come across much bigger problems that can be caused by their gutters being clogged. Gutter guards solve the vast majority of these problems.

If you consider the amount of homeowners who have to pay for repairs from unmanaged gutters, gutter guards are more than affordable.

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Gutter Maintenance

Less Maintenance

Investing in gutter protection reduces the need for maintenance and repair by keeping debris from blocking water flow.

Water Leaks

Less Water Leaks

If your gutters are clogged with debris, water will sit on your roof and eventually cause leaks and water damage.

Foundation Repair

Strong Foundation

Your homes’s foundation is the important component. If water can’t drain away, extensive damage can be done.

Garden Damage

Yard & Garden

Standing water around the foundation of your home can destroy flower beds and other landscaping.

Gutter Guards Protect Your Underground Drain System

Underground drains can be an expensive addition to your gutter system. They become even more expensive when you end up with costly repairs due to clogging. If you have an underground drain but you don’t have gutter guards, clogging is inevitable. Not only is it guaranteed to happen, it can happen in a matter of days.

Even if you cleaned your gutters every day there is a still a chance your underground drain could get clogged. If you are going to invest in an underground drain, make it a package deal with gutter guards. You won’t regret the decision.

Debris Gutter Guards Defend Against in Charlotte

Gutter Guards Charlotte NC

Oak Leaves Charlotte NC

Oak Leaves

Oak trees are one of the more common trees in the Charlotte area. Their leaves can clog your gutters quickly in the fall months. Oak trees also produce millions of acorns over the course of their life spans. These acorns will fill up your gutters and they make a lot of noise when they hit aluminum gutters. If you have ever seen a squirrel in your gutters, it may have been gathering acorns to take back home with it.

Sweetgum Leaves Charlotte NC

Sweetgum Leaves

The sweetgum is rigid star shaped leaf that is popular in the Charlotte area. Sweetgums produce small spiny balls that drop during the fall. They can do some damage if you step on one barefooted. Just like any other debris, they can also do serious damage to your underground drain if they make it through your downspout. The spiny edges of the balls can get caught on seams and make it hard to get unclogged.

Crepe Myrtle Charlotte NC

Crepe Myrtle Leaves

Crepe Myrtle leaves are beautiful, but just like any other debris they have detrimental effects when they make their way into your gutter system. The leaves are very small so using leaf blowers and water pressure to clear them isn’t as easy as it is with other types of leaves. The crepe myrtle is one of the worst trees for gutters in Charlotte because the leaves drop for a longer period of time throughout the year.