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Gutter Cleaning Huntsville AL

Gutter cleaning is very important. Consistent maintenance is key to protecting your gutter system and your home from water damage

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Our Process

Gutter Cleaning Huntsville AL

We clean out the entire inside of the gutter system, clear clogged downspouts, clean up all debris from clogged gutters and dispose of it. We inspect your gutter system for leaks and damage. If we find anything that is a concern we will let you know our findings. We pride ourselves on being Alabama’s Top Gutter Company.

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Why Gutter Cleaning?

It is important that your gutters are cleaned at least once a year but 3 times per year is ideal. They should be cleaned 2 times during the fall while the leaves are still falling, and then again after they have all fallen. These cleanings will serve to keep all clogs clear that might build up in the system.

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Pest Control


Mosquitos, Wasps, Ants, and other insects will make a home our of your clogged gutter system.

Diseases in Gutters

Infectious Disease

A deadly bacteria known as “Legionnaires Disease” can form in your gutter system if it gets clogged.

Rain Damage to Roof

Roof Damage

Ice dams and rotting wood can cause damage to your roof if water can not escape your gutters.

Gutter Home Value

Property Value

Damage to your property because of not maintaining your gutter system can decrease it’s value.

Inspecting Your Gutters

The first thing to look for is visible debris coming out of your gutters. If you see water running over the front of the gutter it is a sign that the gutters are clogged. The back of the gutter traditionally is higher than the front so any clogged gutters will usually run over the front first instead of the back. If you see water running over the back of the gutters it may be something more sinister than just a clog. Water running behind the gutters is usually caused by gutters that are pulling away and falling down or the roofing material is short and is not extending over into the gutters far enough to allow the water to fall directly into the gutters. The roof runoff is getting in behind the gutters usually by surface tension. If you see either one of these you should call a professional to help resolve your issue.

Gutter Cleaning Tips

Gutter Cleaning Huntsville AL

Gutter Cleaning Inside

Inside Cleaning

Typically when cleaning gutters, it is assumed that the inside is what you will be cleaning. The inside of the gutter is after all where clogs occur and where the functionality of the gutter system exists. Some of the debris that will be cleaned inside the gutter include obvious things like leaves and shingle grit. You may also find bird nests, golf balls, and other unusual items that kids or someone may have tossed inside.

Gutter Cleaning Outside

Outside Cleaning

Gutters are primarily meant for protecting your home from rain damage. They can also serve as an aesthetic improvement and they do in fact increase the value of your home. Cleaning the outside of the gutter is not always necessary to get the functionality you want, but it will make your gutters look better. If you are putting your home up for sale, it might be a good idea to clean the outsides first.

Gutter Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Gutters

Most people clean their gutters by hand. Whether they are cleaning the inside or the outside, a pair of gloves is really all you need. However, cleaning the inside of the downspout is not as easy. Usually this is where the worst clogs occur and you can’t reach all the way own by hand. A pressure washer is a great tool for clearing all the debris from the downspout.