Chinese language Wedding Practices

A Offshore wedding consists of a number of one of a kind traditions. Although some are ancient and can be deemed taboo, there are some that have been modernized to suit the needs of today’s couples.


One of the most important areas of a Chinese language wedding is the matchmaking. The groom’s father and mother generally hire a matchmaker to get the perfect woman for their son. Customarily, the matchmaker was accused with discussing the terms of the betrothal, but it has become uncommon in modern times.

The Tea Formal procedure

Another critical part of a Chinese marriage ceremony is the tea ceremony. This tradition, which dates back for the early days of China and tiawan, serves to introduce the newlyweds’ families. The tea ceremony is usually held in your home of the groom plus the bride. This is certainly a time just for the couple to show respect for their elders, and exchange gift items, which are generally money or jewelry.

The tea is made using crimson dates and longans or perhaps lotus seed to symbolize wealth and well-wishes. It’s served in two cups using a red string, a symbol of the union belonging to the bride and groom.

Hui Men & Chu Ge

After the bride’s departure on her groom’s home, she is accompanied by her bridesmaids and attendants to her new family’s home. Customarily, the bride’s family would probably hide the moment she arrived, and so they probably would not be seen by her partner or his family members ahead of she experienced sat straight down and said her “you tou” (“I am your”) words. Following she lay down, the woman was able to check out her hubby for the first time.

During this time, it was also traditional for the bride to be presented with a gift coming from her partner’s family. These gifts range from a whole beef roasts pig, or canned this halloween trotters rather.

An Chuang / Placing the Bed (An Chuang)

Prior to wedding, it is traditional to get a female in accordance with dress your bed in red color beddings and pillows. She is going to then cover it with a mixture of dried Chinese mail order brides fruits and nuts, such as longans, persimmons and purple dates, to ensure the marriage can become successful and blessed with fertility.

The marriage bed is then left unoccupied for three days, then the soon-to-be husband and his family members will pay a visit to the bride’s parents. That is to show the fogeys that they have accepted their daughter’s marital relationship and are caring of her.

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As soon as the couple features returned to their respective homes, they will number a special dinner for the families. This is a magnificent affair, with lots of food and entertainment.

Many different foods are applied during the fête. These are emblematic of numerous aspects of Offshore culture, such as a fish lesson pertaining to variety, a suckling pig for purity, and a fairly fairly sweet lotus seeds dessert with regards to fertility.

A wedding in China is quite often celebrated with a more sophisticated banquet for the purpose of friends, a custom that is grounded in the country’s rich background. This is a moment for the family and friends for the couple to come together and celebrate all their new union.

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