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Gutter Company

The Gutter Company that Guarantees Quality Workmanship

Our gutter company will send out a knowledgeable customer service agent to your home to do a free estimate for you to be able to ask these customer service agent questions about roofing, gutters, yard drainage and how they all affect your home. They can answer your questions, recommend products and provide solutions related to gutters and accessories.

That workmanship continues with our installation department. Our knowledgeable installation crew picks up material, brings the right products and installs your gutter system to industry standards and beyond based on your specific specifications.

The Gutter Company that is Professional and Punctual

When you call Blue River Gutters, we answer the phone between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm. Our customer service agents on the phone will help you schedule an appointment to get your free estimate and set up a time that you can work with. These times are set and given to you so if you have a busy schedule. We show up on time for the appointment and provide an estimate on the spot. No downtime waiting for estimates on gutters, gutter guards or underground drainage.

The Gutter Company that Offers Great Value and Affordability

We offer a fantastic value to anyone looking to get gutters done on their home, beginning with the fact that we assess your home for its needs in the gutter realm and evaluate that and get you the product that will suit your situation and solve your specific problems.

This is great value due to the fact that many companies that you call can actually come out and just recommend their newest and greatest gadget. They will try to force that onto your home with no consideration as to whether or not that is the product that is needed. Our value comes from real assessment of the situation and of the architecture and the need for the the gutter system. We get to a system that actually works with your home, not just the system that we’re trying to sell to you.

Affordability is also something that we fall into. Our products are priced to the absolute lowest possibility based on our standard of quality, product quality workmanship and our ability to guarantee that we are here for the long haul to take care of our customers into the future with our warranty. Providing this affordability is first and foremost in every one of our pricing scenarios that we do. Pricing our product to be affordable is first and foremost.

Gutter Company

Lifetime Warranty as Long as You Own Your Home

in the beginning when we started our company, it was of utmost importance to us to provide a product that would run the test of time. Things can happen to any gutter project that’s created by anyone or installed by anyone. Because of this, we provided lifetime warranty for as long as our customers own their home, we warranty it against leaking, coming loose, falling.

Gutters and roofing actually improve the functionality of a home by carrying water in a more organized fashion away from the home. This keeps the water from just gushing off the roof and down onto the ground. 

Gutter Company for All Gutter Projects

We do projects large and small. There is no project that is too small, no project that is too large. We are a residential gutter company and our products reach across the spectrum for any of your residential gutter needs. Our seamless gutters come in two different sizes and three different styles.

We provide two main types of gutter protection, “leaf dog” also known as Gutter RX or Bulldog. These products are superior to all others, being that their maintenance is the lowest. We also use Leaf Blaster or stainless steel.

Recommended Products

Aluminum Gutter Hanger Brackets

Used for holding up gutters through heavy rain

Highly Recommended For Keeping Your Gutters from Falling During Overload

Multi-Tool – Laser Line + Tape Measure 

Used for various roofing and gutter projects

Highly Recommended For Measuring Starter Course Layout

25 ft Tape Measure

Used for various roofing and gutter projects

Highly Recommended For Measuring Sq Footage When Calculating Gutter Capacity

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